Why Hosting Ultraso

We provide dedicated server from 119 cities worldwide. If you need a cluster of dedicated servers to build a cloud server or content delivery network to give service, in a particular location or worldwide we have the solution. If you need a customized dedicated server from 119 data center we have the solution.

Money-Back Guarantee

We want all our clients to be happy and confident about the decision to be hosted by us. To be successful, the relationship has to be win-win for both parties.

In case you are not pleased with our service, we have created a simple refund policy where you can get back your money through a simple procedure. Just fillup the cancellation form correctly stating your refund amount want a refund and within 48 hours, maximum, the full purchase amount will be refunded to you. Learn more

Bitcoin Payment

In addition to traditional payment methods, Hosting Ultraso accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for dedicated servers and other services through our site. With the increasing popularity of Bitcoin use (which shows no signs of slowing down any time soon), we believe this payment option will make many of our customers even happier with their decision to trust Hosting Ultraso with their hosting needs.

7/24/365 Support

Our support team speaks 3 languages and is located on three different continents, which means you can contact us at any time of the day and night and we’ll be there to answer you. We even offer dedicated sales and support agents for an even more personalized experience!


Hosting Ultraso has a very special relationship with resellers. As such, we offer multiple advantages and promotions to registered resellers. Manage all your servers at a glance, and add new boxes to your fleet in just a few clicks!

Our Speciality

One of our most speacility is you can control all the Dedicated Servers in multiple data centers in 119 cities from one control panel
Rich Features

Rich Features

Our dedicated server comes with many operating systems of Linux and Windows. Learn more



Hardware in the Data Center and software in the server are fully customized. You can choose and hardware and software. Learn more

Easy Start

Easy Start

We provide Managed Server so that you can start hosting immediately and focus on your business. Learn more

24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

Our technical staff is available 24/7/365. You can create a support ticket to get help. Contact Us.

Everyday Backups

Everyday Backups

In our managed server we take everyday backup to secure the data from any disaster. Learn more

The NRGHost Guarantee

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Money-back Guarantee

Money-back Guarantee

Above all best guarantee, we can provide to our customer is a money-back guarantee assured. If you are not satisfied with our server anytime you can ask for a refund. Learn more

DDOS Attack Protection

DDOS Attack Protection

DDOS feature allows you to have DDoS protection on the service being rented. DDoS attacks can threaten service performance or even shut down a service entirely. Learn more

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Firewall Protection

Firewall Protection

Firewall feature allows you to use a hardware firewall present in the concerned location. Models and features will depend on availability and location of the server. Learn more

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Our most clients are from reference and they are repeat buyer. Here are few testimonial from our most valuable clients on our Dedicated Server and Data Center.

Before moving my site to Hosting Ultraso dedicated serverI was very frustrated with the uptime of my host. My site went down at least 2 times in a week, but with Hosting Ultraso I never faced this issue. They have a really good uptime and an awesome support. I think I am in love with this host as they care for their clients.

Mac Millian, Administrator, Thousand Eye

Every single ticket was responded timely. As I can remember I had only 3 issues in these years and they were solved as soon as possible after I reported them. Thank you for your great service.

Rosy Gray, CEO, Lapvan LLC

Good services and network for my users in Brazil, I have a download website and currently using a dedicated server in Los Angeles, and it is working good for us. The prices are good for the services we get, and I am happy with them, I would recommend them to others who need dedicated servers in Los Angeles, I am also thinking to get another server with them in their other datacenter in Florida.

Neil Shane Smith, Director, Compumela

We always saw a swift response with quickly following resolution on our tickets. Their team is great, friendly as could be, and always on point, even on weekends and evenings. The price point is great, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone. If you want some great deals, just send them an email and you will get awesome deals ( just like me with my deal )

Lily, Technical Executive, Boss and Co.

The dedicated server setup time has actually been much shorter than expected, and despite living in a significantly different time zone (I'm from Italy), every small issue has been solved in a short time. The system has been up for more than a year without any noticeable glitch.

Alessandro, Hosting Expert, Marni

Great servers, best of best network, great and professional support staffs, best billing department, everything is ok !!! Sleep with no worry about your server.

Laura Gray, Server Administrator, Fila Corp

For me, everything is perfect. An only single problem I got but it solved long ago. Customer service and support also very good, just a couple of minutes it takes to get the response (submit a ticket). My review: Quality - 100% Customer Service - 100%, Technical Support - 100%.

Giovanni, CEO, Fendi

I have been with Hosting Ultraso since 2015 and they are providing me with really good services and dedicated servers. I currently have more than 5 dedicated servers with these guys and also servers from the USA and Europe. Their support is really 24Hours/7Days, and they reply to the technical tickets fast, like 15 - 30 minutes.

Roberto, Programmer, NowMedia

Payment Accepted

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