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IPMI Access

Our dedicated servers come with IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) in some location so that your server can be managed from anywhere in the world. IPMI is an interface & protocol that is autonomous as well. IPMI allows for remote management of a server locally or through a network interface. It supports remote access irrespective of the operating system & has the power to reboot a frozen server. Also no additional cost is included for it. Having IPMI leads to improved server management through hardware that is directly applied into the server’s motherboard. IPMI provides numerous benefits like instant power on/off to avoid costly downtimes, remote recovery capabilities, hardware health monitoring that helps in failure analysis, reduces Mean-Time-To-Repair by allowing diagnosis before dispatch, reduction in management cost & many more. Through IPMS, you can control the internals of your server like temperature, voltage, fan speed & others. An IPMI functions under three conditions:

  • Before an operating system has booted like the remote monitoring or changing of BIOS settings
  • When the system is powered down
  • After a system failure
  • IPMI can also work after the OS has started & exposes the management data to the system management software.

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