Operating System

Finding out the best operating system that meets the various online requirements is the first important step. Choosing an appropriate operating system depends on various factors like easy-to-use, advanced knowledge & specifications that will meet the client’s criteria. The chosen operating system should support dedicated server functions like backups, storage & server monitoring. That is why we only use the latest tools, fine-grained controls & refreshed life cycles. Moreover, we offer our users the latest versions of:

  • Windows Server- Designed by Microsoft, this group of operating system promotes high-levels of management, communication, data storage & other applications. Windows server is known to focus on consistency, security & networking & also includes other improvements like deployment technologies & increased hardware support. The latest Windows server, Windows Server 2012 R2 is based on cloud computing.
  • Centos Linux- Belonging to the Linux family, this server offers a computing platform that is free, enterprise software application & community supported. It provides simple updating & search for applications, high level of security, comes with performance stability as it is fault-tolerant & last but the not the least, provides high efficiency.
  • Debian- Debian is yet another distribution of Linux that is highly recommendable due to its stability. This server allows easy installation of applications, monitoring of the system & improving the old apllications. As a result, the user doesn’t have to worry about dependencies or overwriting the former versions of various files. Debian is more of a partner with other distributions & offers Free Software Guidelines that are vital for business ventures.
  • Fedora- This Linux software is known for high innovations & fast pickup of new technologies. Besides Fedora is very fast & takes only 20 seconds to boot; it supports 3D graphic cards; it offers the most secure version with automatic updates & is always updated on its software.
  • Free BSD- This server is very affordable because it is a freeware; it has a highly developed community of OS users who answer any kind of queries; it allows to make changes by numerous programmers; it has high levels of security with high performance speed & many other advantages.
  • Ubuntu- This is a free server belonging to Linux along with its free applications. You can also customize Ubuntu that allows you to personalise everything in it; you can also use this server without installing it, that is, from a pen drive; users are provided with office suite, text editor & other useful apps. These servers are connected with high-speed undersea cable network to ensure faster loading, improved functions & better results.

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