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Additional IP

An IP address is an internet protocol that is unique to any website. No other websites or accounts can use you IP address. A dedicated IP address gives the owner of the website anytime access using the IP address. Moreover, the chief feature of using an IP address is that it gives you the liberty to edit, view & upload files. Some benefits of having an additional Ip are:

  • Host various sites that may require SSL certificates
  • To test a failure/ high availability setup
  • Request a particular IP for a particular service
  • To have the ability to support various hostname in rDNS
  • To avoid firewall conflicts/avoid blacklisted in SPAM filters
  • For outbound mailing purpose
  • To host - email, data base, VPN connection, website, software

If you want to increase the website speed, the IP address can surely help in doing that. As an IP address provides additional security to your website & increases the speed, having an IP address can be an intelligent choice.

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