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Why should you come and work in Hosting Ultraso?

Never Stop Learning –

At Hosting Ultraso, you can learn through books, online resources, events, webinars and online books. We encourage every individual to learn and share their knowledge with others, not only within the company but also with outside world. We believe that in technology world there are enormous opportunities to learn and grow. And we take this opportunity to help our employees to grow faster.

Your Personal Growth –

Your career matters to you, and it’s important to us, too. Because your goals and needs are constantly evolving, we encourage you to take advantage of our personal development, training, and career management programs. They enable you to grow with us over the long term.

Employees Come First –

Through our employees, we encourage the free exchange of ideas, respect for differences, people's diversity.

Cutting Edge Technology –

We use new technology and give market competition with large companies in modern industries. Here you will have the opportunity to learn new technology, new software, new programming languages, modern way of marketing, and innovative business management.

Work-life Balance –

You’re human—and so are we! We understand that you have a family, you need to enjoy with your friends, and you should go for holidays. We strive to make sure our employees achieve a healthy, happy work-life balance.

Flexible Working hours and holidays -

We encourage employees to have flexible working hours. You can choose your own work timings and work days.

Work from Home –

We understand that at some point of time in our life, we have to give attention to our family and have to be at the home, so we allow our employees to Work from Home.

Love to work with Global Companies –

We work with Global Companies around the world – and so you will also get an opportunity to work with international companies.

About Our Company –

Hosting Ultraso is a worldwide provider of shared Web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server, Domain Name, SSL Certificate and many more. Every time we are adding more products to serve better to our customers. We serve customers from individual to large enterprises, from a small company to Fortune 500 companies. Companies of all sizes regularly use Hosting Ultraso affordable, easy, secure, fast servers to empower their business.

In Hosting Ultraso, technical team everyday innovates and improves the product. We focus on our employee’s improvement, knowledge, skill, and benefit. We use new technology to create the best solution in the market and so we are always ahead of completion.

Current Openings -

SEO Expert, Google Adwords, and Content Writer

Send your resume to career@hostingultraso.com

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