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Distinction between Dedicated server and VPS hosting

Submitted by Abhik on 3 March 2020 - 5:06pm

The differences between the Dedicated Server and the VPS hosting is as follows:

  1. As the term, Dedicated states that the server is entirely dedicated to you that means all the resources and Os, services like everything is dedicated to you based upon your customization requirements. On the other hand, the VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server is the part of the big server which is virtually dedicated to you as if you have your own dedicated server but unlike a dedicated server everything is not fully dedicated based upon your custom requirements.
  2. There is a huge difference in the price factors for both the servers. A dedicated server is more costly than VPS.
  3. Through a dedicated server, you can have the facility of having unlimited bandwidth but VPS comes in Limited bandwidth facility that means if you are sending heavy files consisting of pictures, videos, and many things together then it becomes troublesome for you.
  4. Dedicated hosting is always convenient for goo processing as it is equipped with a powerful processor that can facilitate your performance better way. In the case of VPS hosting the processor will not be that good that you would require.
  5. VPS limits you with few resources but a Dedicated server comes with huge numbers of resources that will be beneficial for your business.
  6. You get 100% server access to the setting and all resources but in the case of VPS, you will not have full access even to those few resources.
  7. A dedicated server comes with very high security and even customization required on security-based software that will be available for you. But in the case of VPS hosting the security is lesser than the Dedicated one.
  8. Through managed dedicated servers, you can have lots of facilities and services. The full technical team will be there for you for any time help. Generally, VPS hosting is unmanaged and therefore you have to be technically that good deal different issues.
  9. For complicated business application based website needs good resource and technically strong back end system therefore that business should need a dedicated server but if your business is simple in terms of applications and you don’t need to waste time to go for all the technicalities that you are not aware of then your site needs VPS hosting.

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