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Difference between Dedicated and Non-Dedicated server

Submitted by Abhik on 20 February 2020 - 12:22pm

As a business owner, it is our responsibility to provide the best services for our clients. For an online business, a good surfing experience while your users are visiting your site is equivalent to good service in an offline store. 

Now, a website needs a hosting service to be discovered on the web. Then the question comes to our mind, what type of server should we choose for our business? A dedicated server or a non-dedicated server?

Let’s understand each of them one by one.


A Dedicated Server or a dedicated server hosting is a type of internet hosting in which a business website can access the entire server. As the term “dedicated server” says, a server dedicated to you and your business site. A non-dedicated server or a non-dedicated server hosting is a type of internet hosting where your business site will share the server with other websites. This means, unlike dedicated servers, your website will be sharing the server configurations with others.

Server Resources: 

Your website can access the entire server configurations. That is one of the primary reasons why most big sites opt for a dedicated server. Because you can access the entire server, it brings with it certain benefits. This will allow your website to be fast and flexible. Moreover, this will prevent your website from being slow, that is, your website will hardly ever lag. 

Performance and Uptime: 

With dedicated server hosting, you get enhanced performance and security. All top dedicated server providers guarantee maximum uptime when you purchase their services. Hosting Ultraso assures a 99.99% uptime. 

When it comes to the stability and reliability of the website, dedicated servers are the best. You can live in peace once you get such servers for your business. 

In a non-dedicated server, you will never be guaranteed any sort of uptime. Also, you have to compromise on the speed, performance, flexibility, and stability of your website.

As already touched upon, server resources are not shared in case a business uses a dedicated server hosting. While in the case of a non-dedicated server, the server configurations are shared.


This brings us to the next point: security. Because a website using a dedicated server operates on its own and is not shared by other sites, you are not concerned about sharing the server with some malicious website. The problem of sharing the server with a spam website is that it can affect your rankings. Companies handling sensitive information must look to get a dedicated server. It is because these servers can create a secure environment for your business. It will be difficult to break your website’s security. For a business using a shared server, it has to compromise on the speed and security of its site.


With dedicated server hosting, you have the flexibility to adjust the server configurations based on your needs. You can choose what RAM, hard drive, and bandwidth you require. You don’t have such levels of flexibility with shared hosting. In dedicated hosting, you can even choose the software programs for your site, be it the operating system or any other plugin. You are tied in terms of how much you can change when you choose a shared server hosting for your business. 

Unique IP:

Every server has its own unique IP address. So, what that means is if you are using a non-dedicated server you are probably sharing the IP with multiple websites. This will affect your rankings to some extent. But, in dedicated servers, there will be no such issues as you get a designated IP for yourself. What I wanted to mean is that you don’t have to worry about what other websites are doing. If you are using a shared server, you have to worry because one of the websites sharing your server is doing malicious activities, your site will be affected too because you are using the same IP address. For any e-commerce site having a unique IP is important.


When it comes to the price, you always have to pay a premium for a dedicated server. Shared servers are cheaper alternatives. 


Which server you need for your business will depend on where your customers are from and how many visitors you are receiving. If you are a small business with less incoming traffic to your site, a non-dedicated server hosting (shared hosting) will do your job just fine. Additionally, you will save a chunk of your money as shared hosting is cheap compared to a dedicated server hosting plan. 

But, if you find that your business is getting a lot of attention and is attracting huge traffic every month, choosing a dedicated server would do a world of good for your site and your business as a whole. It will guarantee you security, stability, will provide you with flexibility and is more dependable than shared servers. 

We at Hosting Ultraso provide you the lowest latency rate when you decide to have a dedicated server from us. We have several long-lasting clients and repeat customers which shows how reliable our dedicated servers are, yet affordable. We guarantee 99.99% uptime and offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service. Check us out at www.hostingultraso.com for more.


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