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5 Factors That Determine Your Choice of a Dedicated Server

Submitted by shibnath on 31 October 2018 - 5:07pm

Investing in reliable dedicated servers is an intelligent decision since there are many factors that determine the advantages that are derived from it.

One of the main concerns of every rising as well as an established enterprise is the availability of a secured network with a large bandwidth & a hosted server with a great storage capacity. For any startups or small organizations, it is a good idea to take the aid of shared hosting services offered by multiple service providers. Shared hosting service means that your website is hosted on the same server with other sites while organizations with resource-intensive websites that produce a large amount of traffic, however, must choose a dedicated server. In short, dedicated server hosting offers the resources of a complete server without the need to share with other businesses.

                                5 Factors That Determine Your Choice of a Dedicated Server


There are numerous factors that determine the associated benefits when you decide to invest in a dedicated server hosting service. Let us look into some of these factors:

  1. Security- It is a known fact that whether you use a dedicated server in Riyadh or a dedicated server in Singapore, this type of server will provide you with maximum security when compared with other web server hosting types such as VPS or shared hosting. Besides providing a full set of resources & functionalities on that particular server, dedicated server hosting also allows regular updates of security checks for online files & websites. Also, dedicated servers reduce interactions with sites that may install malicious files onto the server; using administrative access onto servers, installation of security software like firewall, anti-malware & others, are also allowed.
  2. Reliability- Most business owners using shared servers are dependent on their service provider to make sure that their website maintains the best level of ‘uptime’ & minimum downtime. But that is not the case with dedicated server hosting; this dependency is removed as your web services will always have access to the required server resources, handled by a dedicated team from your organization. In short, the chances of downtime is almost absent irrespective of the amount of traffic from your website.
  3. Scalability- In case of shared web hosting services, it is not possible to have additional server storage & network bandwidth according to demand. But with a dedicated server, obtaining bandwidth & storage is easy without the need of migrating to a new server. Moreover, with a dedicated server, business is not limited to the usage of the applications software created to support custom applications.
  4. Control & flexibility- Dedicated servers provide greater amounts of control over the server as well as operational flexibility. Businesses providing resource-intensive websites cannot afford any lapse of bandwidth & utilize almost any number of customized application software to maintain any specific level of uptime. For example, dedicated server hosting can install any core software like Linux or Windows Operating System along with any caching software to boost the server’s performance.
  5. Cost- Although the cost of shared server is lesser compared to the dedicated server since the resources are divided among the user when shared servers are used while dedicated server caters the needs of one individual, dedicated servers come with greater advantage. With a dedicated server, you’ve got far more operational flexibility to deal with traffic spikes, customize your server or install specialized software to meet your needs. Whereas dedicated servers are managed virtually by a dedicated team of IT professionals. With increased scalability of operations & application of virtualized software applications, the same server could host numerous applications & data elements with no extra cost. Besides, various service providers offer a host of features like a unique IP address for your website, increased spam control, e-commerce solutions & many more.

Conclusion- Thus whether you are using a dedicated server in Dubai or a dedicated server in Canada, it helps to have seamless business operations & also provides added security & control to business owners.

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