Benefits of Having Local Server

Did you know that it is recommended by Google that you should do hosting in local server? Also other search engine prefers content from local servers.

For example – when you search “restaurant” from London, Google will show you restaurant near your location. Google show search result from geographically specific content. So, when you will choose local server, search engine will know the IP address of local server and your website will be shown first in the result.

Hosting locally will make your website load faster thereby enabling your website visitors to browse your website quickly and easily. 40% of the visitors to your website will abandon your website after 3 seconds of slow loading.

Below we have given list of benefits of having local server –

Marketing Benefits

  • Search engine give preference to local server IP address than internation IP, becuase search engine serves content by geograpical location preference.
  • Search engines give high ranking to websites that are linked-to by other people's websites, but the ranking goes down if the sites are on the same ip address. So you will have different IP address for SEO benefits.
  • Mathematically unrelated IP address
  • IP address are originated from different Datacenters and even different regions, countries and are even continents apart
  • Search engines have to take completely different routing paths to reach to each IP
  • This IP address is also registered to different companies and providers
  • Only way for a search engine to block these IPs is to black list the whole Internet!!

Performance Benefits

  • Website will load 3 times Faster
  • Less latency rate - Latency is the time taken by a server to receive and process a request from a client. It is largely dependent on the distance between the server and the client (your website visitor).
  • Local ISPs tend to lose their connection to international servers more frequently, and with greater ease than to local servers
  • Better loading times and improve server uptime


Who should need local server–

  • Local business, who need seo & optimization for local customer
  • Geographically target business
  • E-commerce Website
  • Email Application Hosting
  • Database Application
  • Complex Software Hosting
  • ERP, CRM or other hosting
  • Who need private cloud server
  • Who need private content delivery network (CDN)
  • Gaming Website
  • Need local IP address
  • Have multiple website


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